#04 Sustainability Spelled Out: Randstad on Strategy

  • Topic: Strategy
  • Interviewee: Marlou Leenders, Global Sustainability Manager
  • Company: Randstad
  • Interviewer: Amy White

Businesses today are faced with increasing stakeholder pressure to act upon large environmental and social issues such as climate change and human rights. These stakeholders are demanding not only retrospective metrics to measure performance, but also forward-looking strategies that deliver shared value to the business as well as society. In this episode we are joined by Marlou Leenders, the Global Sustainability Manager at Randstad Global, to share with us her insights into setting and implementing an integrated sustainability strategy.

About Marlou Leenders
Marlou Leenders has worked in the field of sustainability for 10 years and is now Global Sustainability Manager at Randstad Global. She has been at the forefront of developing Randstad’s sustainability agenda, making a true mark on the organization. Not only has she been leading the development of Randstad’s sustainability strategy, she is also the key driver of Randstad’s ultimate goal: “to touch the work lives of 500 million people worldwide by 2030”.

In order to coordinate Randstad’s work on sustainability throughout the world, Marlou has successfully created an active Randstad Sustainability Community – consisting of all Sustainability Managers worldwide. Within this group she coordinates and reviews local sustainability strategies and initiatives. Besides that, she’s the founder of external diversity & inclusion working groups.

Marlou has also meant a lot for Randstad’s integrated non-financial reporting systems and manages Randstad’s yearly application to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index – ensuring Randstad’s year-on-year best-in-class performing on sustainability in the HR industry.

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