#06 Sustainability Spelled Out: Ace & Tate on Impact Assessment

  • Topic: Impact Assessment
  • Interviewee: Marlot Kiveron, Sustainability Manager
  • Company: Ace & Tate
  • Interviewer: Amy White

Traditionally, ESG data has focused on the output of an organization, for example, the amount of water used, CO2 emitted, or money given to charities. But what does this actually mean in the context of the issues these indicators are contributing to? Impact assessment attempts to answer this question by converting output data into more meaningful numbers that allow us to better understand the true outcomes or impact of an organization’s activities. In this episode we are joined by Marlot Kiveron, the Sustainability Manager of Dutch eyewear brand Ace&Tate, to share with us her experience in undertaking an in-depth impact assessment of their operations and supply chain, and how they have used the results to drive change.

About Marlot Kiveron

Marlot Kiveron is the Sustainability Manager at Ace & Tate. Within that role, she is dedicated to creating business opportunities while progressing in sustainability. Responsibility rather than sustainability actually, meaning: taking responsibility for our environmental and social impact, and act upon it. As such, her main focuses are:

  1. Transparency about impact;
  2. Focus on impact: the core of what we do. In the end, we want to create a circular frame, and;
  3. Improving impact (measured in CO2).

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