Webinar ESG-ratings: the latest developments and why participating is important.

On Thursday, the 7th of May, we hosted a webinar on the developments within the landscape of ESG benchmarks and ESG ratings. Watch the webinar here:

2019 was a year in which we have seen quite some movement in the rating agencies landscape. Moody’s Corporation obtained a majority share in Vigeo Eiris and S&P Global acquired the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment. Very recently it was announced that Morningstar will take over Sustainalytics, based in the Netherlands. These are but three examples of an increased interest of a broad investor base with regards to the ESG performance of businesses. Plus, green bonds and impact loans are on the rise.

In early April, S&P’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) was opened for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and in the week of the 13th of April, the CDP’s Online Response System (ORS) was opened. This means the benchmark season officially started!

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, DJSI decided to extend the submission deadline from the beginning of June to the end of July, which gives all participants sufficient time to fill in the questionnaire in these challenging times.

Now most of the listed companies have published their annual reports over 2019, also the other ESG-rating agencies, like Sustainalytics, MSCI and ISS-Oekom, will start their assessments and provide the listed companies with their ESG-reviews.

With all these new and complex challenges going on for many of our clients, we are moving full steam ahead in providing them the best possible support. The past few weeks we’ve all been getting used to working from home and we are ready to support you with any questions you might have on the different benchmarks and ESG-ratings. Over the past years, we’ve built up an excellent track record with all the benchmarks and ESG-ratings mentioned above. When supporting you, we’ve got four goals in mind:

  1. Lower your administrative burden;
  2. Improve scoring (or maintaining a high scoring);
  3. Improve the efficiency of filling in different questionnaires;
  4. Translate outcomes into actions.

Webinar ESG-ratings: the latest developments and why participating is important.
In order to provide you with the best possible service and to keep you informed of all developments within this benchmark season, colleagues Nick and Tijn hosted a webinar on Thursday, May 7th. In this webinar, they discussed the latest developments in the field of sustainability regarding investors. They also briefly touched upon the six benchmarks and ESG-ratings that we believe are most relevant to our clients and discussed how investors use the information from the various benchmarks and ESG-ratings when making investment decisions.

If you’d like to receive more information on how we can help you with ESG-ratings and benchmarks, do not hesitate to contact our colleague Tijn by e-mail (tijn.willems@sustainalize.com) or phone (+31 6 2905 0434).