Webinar Supply Chain Management: Looking beyond the COVID-19 Crisis: with EcoVadis and Wavin

On Tuesday, the 16th of June we hosted a webinar together with our partner EcoVadis, on what we can learn from leaders in sustainable supply chain management. Watch the webinar here:

While the ‘lockdown’ is loosening and slowly, businesses are getting back to ‘the new normal’, we ask ourselves: what have we learned to prepare ourselves for future crises? Have companies that are focused on long term value creation handled this crisis better? Are organizations that are focussing on sustainability, truly more futureproof? And how can supply chains become more resilient?


  • Marta Cobeño Lopez, Senior CSR Analyst at EcoVadis, who will take you along four steps of crisis evolution, and discuss the vital link and importance of robust sustainable procurement practices to assure resilience and protect long-term value within your supply base.
  • Nick de Ruiter, Partner at Sustainalize, who will give his observations on how Sustainability leaders have been acting during this crisis and what lessons we can draw to prepare better ourselves for future crises.
  • Procurement Director Peter Verkaaik and Global Sustainability Director Wilco Otte from our long term partner Wavin, who share their response to the COVID-19 crisis. With production facilities all over Europe, they too have had to adjust.

What’s on?

  • Supply Chain Sustainability and Resilience: Four Phases of the COVID-19 Crisis;
  • How to make your organization truly future proof and sustainable?
  • How Wavin is responding to the COVID-19 Crisis.