#02 Walk the Talk: How to get the most out of your EcoVadis assessment (Podcast)

In this episode of our Sustainalize podcast series Walk the Talk (on sustainability), our partner Nick de Ruiter enters into dialogue with our colleagues Lena Hülsmann (Managing Director of Sustainalize Germany) and Olivier Benz (Consultant and internal EcoVadis expert) on how to get the most out of your EcoVadis assessment. The three touch upon various topics around EcoVadis and provide you with advice and tips on the assessment itself, including some best practice examples to check out. Dive into depth on the role our consulting and training partner takes in the world of sustainability.

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About our podcast series: Walk the Talk on sustainability
With all the trends and developments that are constantly emerging in the world of sustainability, it can be difficult to keep up. Every fortnight, we guide you through a relevant corporate sustainability topic. We will be sharing the journeys of our clients, the expertise of our specialists, and the prophecies of experts. Get to know more about lessons learned, pitfalls as well as opportunities; in no more than 20 minutes you will be provided with the guidance you need to take your sustainability journey to a whole new level.

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