25 september: SDG Action Day

25 September 2018 - KIT/SDG-house, Mauritskade 63 Amsterdam

Imagine, you are an entrepreneur or intrapreneur who wants to make impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Or perhaps you would like to know how to contribute to the SDGs in your community, or city. Or maybe you have a world changing idea and you are looking for others to team up with. How and where would you start?

On September 25, the SDG Action Day will take place in the SDG-House in Amsterdam for cross-sector cooperation and to boost SDG action from the Netherlands. Make sure you don’t miss it! SDG Action Day is an initiative from SDG Charter, KIT Royal Tropical Institute / SDG-House, Municipality of Amsterdam and NCDO.

Pitch research project Sustainalize

During the plenary round in the program, Chiara Zeeuw will give a pitch. She carried out a research project at and for Sustainalize (led by Rob van Tilburg) into the degree of embedding of the Sustainable Development Goals in the strategy of Dutch companies. The study was conducted with 15 in-depth interviews with companies and a quantitative part through a survey with 150+ respondents. The research provides insights into bottlenecks and opportunities & best practices. On the day of SDG Action Day (September 25), Sustainalize will publish the results of the research with a press release and the issuing of a research report.

Yo can find more information of SDG Action Day here.