Sustainable Supply Chains

The impact of your business does not stop at the front door of your company. In most organizations, the biggest impact is in the supply chain. Do you know exactly where your products or raw materials come from and under what conditions they are produced? Or how your logistics partner or subcontractor deals with sustainability? Insight into the supply chain is often decisive for achieving sustainability ambitions. And these days, you are expected to be able to answer all kinds of questions about your supply chain. Not just from your customers, but also from rating agencies such as Ecovadis, who want to fully understand your impact.

Sustainalize uses the most well-known and relevant standards and guidelines to identify themes within your supply chain and where you have the greatest impact. We use the UNGP framework to conduct salient analyses in the area of human rights. We make climate risks transparent in line with TCFD. In short, we can help you to transform complex supply chain issues to concrete priorities for your company.

Sustainalize supports the implementation of a purchasing strategy aimed at sustainability. In the context of socially responsible procurement (SRI), we translate strategic objectives into concrete procurement policies with KPIs, maturity models and action plans. We support the assurance of SRI within your work processes to determine roles and responsibilities. We help you ask the right questions to your suppliers, whether this relates to a Supplier Code of Conduct or an Ecovadis questionnaire. We also train your buyers to apply your sustainable purchasing policy.