Lianne Dijkstra

As an associate, Lianne has been involved with Sustainalize from the early start. With a background in sociology, Lianne has an eye for the broader social context in which organisations operate. Lianne has worked as a manager for Deloitte and Public Impact for 8 years. As project manager she advised many customers in the field of ethics, risk management, and governance. Currently, she helps organisations identify opportunities for sustainable value creation and steering on impact. Lianne is co-founder of the CR2Academy where she also provides lectures on integrated management and reporting. As a guest lecturer Lianne also teaches in this field at, among others, Het Zijlstra Centre (VU).

As an advisor at GreenDreamCompany, Lianne also specialises in international (regional) development and sustainable entrepreneurship, and performs impact assessments in the tourist destination development sector. In this position, and in her personal time, she frequently travels to South Africa, a country she considers her second home.
+31 (0) 6 1173 7653