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Episode #01: Nutreco on data validation & pre-assurance

  • Topic: Data Validation
  • Interviewee: Jose Villalon, Corporate Sustainability Director
  • Company: Nutreco
  • Interviewer: Amy White

Today more than ever companies are expected to measure and report on their environmental, social and governance performance.  This data is increasingly being used to inform important business and investment decisions, and as such there is more scrutiny being placed on the accuracy of this data.  Obtaining external assurance or validation of the data can help companies to improve their internal processes and provide confidence to their stakeholders regarding the robustness of the data and the decisions based on it.  In this episode we will speak with Jose Villalon, Corporate Sustainability Director from Nutreco about the ins and outs of undergoing external validation and assurance to provide a succinct overview of the processes and outcomes from both options.

About Jose Villalon
Jose Villalon is Corporate Sustainability Director at Nutreco, based in The Netherlands. Born in Cuba and raised in the USA, Jose received his Master of Science degree in Fish Nutrition at the University of Washington; then went on to 27-years’ experience farming white shrimp in the Virgin Islands, Ecuador and Mexico. Jose has been involved in all phases of the production chain including hatcheries, feedmills, farms, processing and export/sales. In 1991, he authored a practical manual for shrimp farming. He then joined the World Wildlife Fund (WWF-US) and led its’ Aquaculture Program for six years; managing the initiative which involved over 2,200 global stakeholders that created environmental/social standards for 12-species of aquaculture commodity products including salmon and shrimp through a global initiative called the Aquaculture Dialogues. Along with WWF and IDH, they co-founded the independent Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) where he was the Chairman of the Board for its’ initial four years. He remains on the ASC Board today. As the Corporate Sustainability Director, he leads Nutreco in executing its sustainability strategy.

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