Alliander has been in dialogue with its surroundings for years and is working to map the impact of their activities on society. The aim is to explicitly take into account impact calculations in the decision-making process. The Sustainable Development Goals also play a role in this process, since these goals provide a stepping stone for the connection with social issues, not only in the Netherlands but all over the world.

Alliander selected four SDG’s on a high level last year, on which it has the greatest impact. This allows Alliander to focus on where it can make the biggest contribution through its business model and activities. The coming years, Alliander will start with the formation of an ambition and the integration of sub goals into the current strategy.

Sustainalize has guided Alliander during this process and is responsible for the facilitation of the sessions that led to the current choice and link with business management. Ultimately, the results were brought together in the annual report, which are used for policy, external reporting and internal communications.