With a network of more than 9 million customers and around 1,500 employees, bol.com has the ability to make a significant contribution to society. This is also in the bol.com DNA. Every day millions of customers are helped to make the best choice from the wide range of 17 million items. In a broader context, bol.com wants to make a measurable contribution to social and environmental challenges.

Bol.com has the ambition to be climate neutral by 2025. To enable them to formulate concrete steps towards this goal, bol.com asked Sustainalize to provide insight into what their current CO2 footprint is. From the purchase of packaging material to the processing of orders in their distribution centers, including its offices and business kilometers.

Sustainalize has designed the project in such a way that bol.com can continuously calculate their CO2 footprint in the future and formulate objectives based on real time results. This tool, built according to the ‘Xternalize method’ from Sustainalize, also helps with external communication about impact.

With the delivered analysis in hand, bol.com has set itself the goal of sending around 3.5 million items this year without the recognizable bol.com box. Is the cardboard box necessary for the protection of the item? Then it is packaged as responsibly as possible. Bol.com has also introduced a new shipping bag made from recycled plastic. The use of cardboard and filling material is also limited. And the bigger goal? Bol.com wants to reduce CO2 emissions per package to 0 grams by 2025.