The rapidly changing society with urbanization, social demographic developments, climate change, and smart technology has a major impact on the use of real estate. This requires a different role for real estate investors and users in which social aspects such as affordability, viability, and health of cities, as well as making real estate CO2 neutral and circular, are becoming increasingly important. In addition, institutional parties, such as pension funds and insurance undertakings, are constantly looking for profitable investment opportunities to pay pensions both now and in the long term.

Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors wants to respond to these developments. At the beginning of 2018, the company, therefore, formulated a new strategy in which they defined their ambitions for the coming years. Customer orientation, social responsibility, sustainability, international growth, and further professionalization of the organization are the key points of this strategy. To realize this, further changes were needed. Starting with a new name: Bouwinvest Real Estate Investment Management had been changed to Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors. Additionally, change was needed in the internal processes of the company. After all, as a fast-growing organization, how do you deal with maintaining its culture, cooperation, and communication?

To communicate the new strategy to the management team, Bouwinvest organized a two-day event with the help of Sustainalize. In co-creation with the organization, we came up with a varied program, including speaker Paul Iske about agile organizations, a gamified ‘property tour’, and a designer who captured the two days in a visual manifesto. Afterward, we summarized the key insights and linked them back to the organization. Two full days in which activation and team building reinforced one another.

Nicolette Klein Bog
Nicolette Klein Bog

Nicolette Klein Bog, Head of Corporate Marketing & Communication at Bouwinvest, was one of the organizers of the event. “During these two days, we were able to reflect on the new strategy, focused on customer orientation, social responsibility, sustainability, and international growth. Subsequently, we went further and set out our ambitions in Real value for life. In 2019, Bouwinvest conducted a reputation survey among 45 stakeholders to review the strategy. They encouraged us to show more of the “social side” of Bouwinvest. And that is what we are going to do. Our purpose Real value for life helps to explain who Bouwinvest is and what we stand for. Financial and social return lies at the heart of Real value for life,” says Klein Bog.

Read more about Real value for life on the website of Bouwinvest.