De Goede Doelen Loterij (The Charity Lotteries) in the Netherlands consist of the Nationale Postcode Loterij, the VriendenLoterij and the BankGiro Loterij. The mission of these lotteries is to raise funds for a better world. Half of the proceeds of the lottery tickets sold, is divided among 233 charities (2018).

Each month, the Lotteries give away prizes to winners, such as cookies, cosmetics, clothing, or cars. In order to reduce the environmental impact of these prizes, the Lotteries have an ambitious goal: to reduce carbon emissions by at least 50 percent (compared to 2018). For this reason, the Lotteries are committed to sustainable procurement and the promotion of sustainable and fair products among a large group of consumers.

Sustainalize assists the Lotteries with the annual calculation of its carbon emissions. In order to achieve the 50% target, we have developed a ‘Roadmap 2025’, which sets out the concrete steps to achieve this reduction.

However, CO2 is only one of the sustainability metrics. To include other sustainability issues such as corruption, human rights and biodiversity, we have, together with the Lotteries, drawn up procurement guidelines with minimum requirements for suppliers. For a number of product categories we have developed a ‘scoring tool’, with which the Lotteries gain more insight into the sustainability performance of suppliers and can give them concrete actions to make their business more sustainable.