Elis Nederland (formerly Berendsen Textile Service) has been European market leader for years in the field of textile-, hygiene- and facility solutions.  The last years have been characterized by (more) difficult market conditions where players in the sector are looking for a way to distinguish themselves. Sustainability is rooted in Elis Nederland and is therefore seen as a theme to establish this distinctiveness. Therefore, sustainability is an essential subject for the success of Elis Nederland in the long term.

The organization was not so much lacking a (local) vision with regard to sustainability, but a sharp formulation thereof. In order to be able to take the next step in sustainability and to be able to steer towards sustainability performance, it was necessary to further concretize and expand the sustainability strategy. Sustainalize advised on this process.

To get an idea of the current activities that Elis Nederland undertakes in the field of sustainability, but also to gain insights into the information flows in the field of sustainability, Sustainalize first carried out a ‘baseline measurement’.

After the baseline measurement, the acquired insights were discussed in a number of interactive sessions and linked to the strategic ambitions during which an explicit link was established with the overall strategy and vision of Elis Nederland.

The output of the baseline measurement and the sessions were recorded in a sustainability framework on the one hand and a ‘strategy map’ on the other. The strategy map makes it clear at a glance what the coherence is between the overall strategy/vision, the sustainability policies and the activities that are being developed. Subsequently, based on the strategy map, a set of measurement indicators have been developed with which the organization can get a grip on performance.

The result of the project is a well-formulated vision that provides Elis Nederland with a clearer positioning in the area of sustainability. This also provides a framework for current and future actions, a guideline for objectives and management information and contributes to a distinctive character.