NS has been a leader in sustainability and integrated reporting for several years now. NS is always part of the top of the Dutch CSR Transparency Benchmark of companies with outstanding social reporting. In 2014, NS even became winner of the ‘Kristalprijs’. NS remains ambitious in the field of sustainability and is innovative, including in the field of monetizing social impact and switching to green energy.

NS is also continually working on the professionalization of its annual report and has asked Sustainalize, in addition to other improvements, to renew and improve the value creation model. This value creation model has as function to provide insights into the value that NS adds to society (and which negative impact it mitigates) in a clear way. In addition, it was the explicit desire to provide insights into the business model in a creative way and, where possible, to quantify the model.

As a first step, Sustainalize presented a number of concepts based on available material. Thereafter, Sustainalize helped NS in several workshops to work towards improvements of these concept models.
Also, Sustainalize supported the quantification of the model and the first steps of the visual layout of the model.

With this value creation model, NS now has a model that is in line with the guidelines of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IRRC). This leads to highly efficient communication and shows the most important core processes and key figures. With this new value creation model, NS has a basis for further integration of the annual report and a separate infographic that can be used within and outside of the annual report.