Randstad is the leading global staffing and recruitment company, offering a wide range of solutions in the HR services space and the largest HR service provider in the world. Randstad helps shape the world of work, by matching candidates with companies that will help them reach their full potential, while matching clients with people who will work to successfully develop their business.

For the past few years, Randstad has published an integrated annual report in which sustainability is at the core of one of the Randstad values (simultaneous promotion of all interests). However, the sustainability framework missed a clear link to the core business and strategy of Randstad.

The challenge was to further strengthen and update their overarching ambition and strategic priorities around sustainability while simultaneously improving the current structure for performance management.

Together with the Executive Board, Sustainalize has set-up the ‘500 million people plan‘  in which Randstad aims to touch the work lives of 500 million people worldwide by 2030. This is only possible when Randstad recognizes it needs to go beyond the current core activities and as such needs to, amongst others, tackle youth employment, establish diversity, support inclusion of people who experience a distance to the labor market and ensure better functioning labor markets. Besides supporting Randstad in setting up the 500 million people plan, Sustainalize supported in generating the insights needed, a translation into indicators and management information, aligning the plan to the SDG’s and to constantly improve the quality of information of external and internal reporting.