Rijk Zwaan is a global market player in the seed breeding industry, offering high yield non-GMO seeds, many of them defending themselves against pests in a natural way. Being a family business, the company believes employees are all equal, valuable and unique in their own specific way. Rijk Zwaan has been acknowledged for its people approach by receiving the ‘Beste Employer 2018’ award. As a long standing and fast growing company, playing an vital role at the start of the food supply chain, Rijk Zwaan is of great importance to society.

Rijk Zwaan published its CSR strategy in 2018 in which it emphases its values and beliefs regarding ‘Sharing a healthy future’. Rijk Zwaan has also been approached by external parties with the question how it contributed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is in this context, Sustainalize has been asked for advice in prioritizing the SDG’s and how they reflect upon Rijk Zwaan’s contribution to society.

Sustainalize conducted a desk research of relevant documents and held deep dive interviews with employees of various departments to obtain valuable insights about the company and it´s way of working. This input was used for the purpose of conducting the SDG Impact Analysis, during which Sustainalize evaluated all 17 goals and 169 sub-goals and to what extend Rijk Zwaan has or can have an impact. This Impact Analysis focused on two main elements for scoring the impact: relevance – which can be either positive or negative – and the scale of impact.

In an interactive session with the core project team of Rijk Zwaan, prepared and led by Sustainalize, the selection of most impactful SDGs for the company were agreed upon. During In this session the participants also brainstormed about the key message and ambition per SDG and sub-goals. Based on the outcome of this session Sustainalize drafted 2 pagers which outlined Rijk Zwaan´s SDG story and ambition in a clear and compact manner. These 2 pagers were used by Rijk Zwaan as input for communication materials.

For more information please refer to: https://www.rijkzwaan.com/nl/mvo/sustainable-development-goals