Greenchoice has a mission.  As a green energy supplier, the company wants to accelerate the local energy transition and make the Netherlands more greener.

Greenchoice is ambitious. Recent years, the company has grown rapidly into an organization with around 570.000 customers and over 460 employees. With such growth comes the responsibility to communicate honestly and transparently about your impact. Preferably in a way that fits the brand identity, as well as the consumer experience.

We have partnered with Greenchoice to help tell their stories as honestly and transparently as possible. We started drawing up a strategic reporting plan on which steps in the field of reporting would best suit the company in the coming years. Which topics are most relevant to Greenchoice customers and other stakeholders? With a materiality analysis we identified the most important topics for Greenchoice, i.e.: ‘material topics’. Next, we identified and developed non-financial KPIs and created a reporting manual. Based on this, Greenchoice’s first sustainability report was published in 2018. In 2019 we remained on board and focused on publishing an online-first report with an assurance statement. An online report provides numerous possibilities for Greenchoice, such as the ability to share assisting audiovisual content and increased interactivity. Also, an online report gives more insight into how often and when the report is read! With the assurance statement, Greenchoice is the exception among green energy suppliers. Green at its greenest!

Together with Greenchoice we will take it one step further in 2020, where we will focus on integrated reporting. A logical step, since Greenchoice is already an integrated sustainable organization. A logical step because the sustainability report is based on the principle of long-term value creation. We are proud of Greenchoice for the steps they have taken towards a sustainable future. And secretly, we are very proud of this fruitful and above all enjoyable multiannual cooperation!