University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) works on patient care, the training of medical staff and scientific research. The focus lies on healthy and active aging.

For a number of years, the UMCG has been publishing an external annual report which also included sustainability and non-financial information. It was the ambition of UMCG to further integrate sustainability and non-financial information in their annual report and furthermore to obtain a higher rating on the Dutch CSR Transparency Benchmark and to comply with GRI guidelines.

Sustainalize helped UMCG to determine their reporting ambition through a reporting workshop. The ambitions set out in this workshop have been realized together with UMCG by regularly looking at versions of the annual report.  During these readings, concrete points for improvement were presented, text suggestions were made and the GRI reference table was drawn up. As a result, UMCG was able to implement the desired improvements during the process of the annual report, as well as closely aligning the Dutch CSR Transparency Benchmark criteria. This ultimately resulted in being recognized as fastest riser in the Transparency Benchmark (an increase from 36 to 148 points).