Materiality & Stakeholder Dialogue

How do you determine the most relevant themes for you with regard to people, planet and society? You consult your stakeholders. We will help you use ‘materiality analyses’ to identify the sustainability issues they consider most important. This starts with a ‘long list’ of potential material issues. We then turn this list into a ‘short list’ based amongst others on media analyses and competitor analyses.

To prioritize, we will submit this ‘short list’ to internal and external stakeholders using a variety of methods. Sometimes we organize round table discussions, which allows us to ask questions and go into issues in depth. Downside of this approach is that the number of stakeholders involved is limited. That is why we also work with surveys, using online questionnaires to establish a ranking that you can use to set your priorities.

These days, many reporting standards actually require a materiality analysis as the basis for reporting. Both the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) use this as a starting point, and materiality matrices appear in most annual reports nowadays. Sustainalize has considerable experience in facilitating stakeholder dialogues and conducting materiality analyses. We would be happy to take this activity off your hands and ensure a thorough result.