Reporting control frameworks

Reported information must be reliable, and this doesn’t just happen by itself. Defining a good set of KPIs also does not automatically ensure that this information will be readily available within your company.

We will analyse your current reporting processes, and then map out how sustainability information can be efficiently and effectively embedded in your company. This includes embedding reporting responsibilities in your governance structure. Our goal is that these non-financial KPIs will become part of the regular planning and control cycle within your company.

We often draw up a reporting manual that describes the KPIs in detail, including definitions, measurement methods, reporting units, and so on. We also write out the process, going beyond reporting to record roles and responsibilities and to document control measures that have been implemented to guarantee the quality of the information.

We provide training and workshops for the implementation of (new) reporting processes. We also set up dashboards with integrated data visualizations that make progress visible at a glance. This can be done easily and cost-efficiently. Or you can also opt for more extensive reporting software such as PE, Credit360, Enablon, WeSustain or Tagetik. We will be happy to help you select and implement the package that is right for you.