Strategy & Value Creation

Of course, sustainable business is about contributing to a better world. But these days, its importance goes even further than that. Now, sustainable entrepreneurship is essential for the company itself. Employees prefer to work for a company that has a clear vision and responsible policies. Smart products help companies reduce costs, and non-financial information improves risk management. Companies that understand how they create value for customers, employees, investors and society are better prepared for the future.

But how can you ensure that your company will still be relevant in 20 years and still be able to create value? What strategic choices do you need to make to remain competitive in markets that have changed radically in the past five years alone? How will you stay attractive to customers and employees who are currently still in school? Every company is different, and simple solutions do not exist. But whatever the answer is, it always helps to understand external trends and developments.

Our knowledge of the market and external developments can help. We will ask critical questions about your company’s ambitions and activities, because at Sustainalize, we approach strategy formation from the perspective of value creation. What input does your company need – now and in the long term – to create a positive impact for stakeholders? We’ll run workshops to help you identify value drivers for future success. This in turn provides a framework for internal action and external communication. Then we’ll work with you to build a strategy map, and help you to summarize strategic insights into a clear value creation model for internal and external communication.