Sustainable Development Goals

On 25 September, 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goals of these objectives are to put an end to poverty, inequality and climate change and form an agenda for achieving sustainable, inclusive development up to 2030. Although the primary responsibility for achieving these goals lies with governments, the contribution of the business community is of crucial importance.

The SDGs are already a leading factor and fixed component of companies’ thinking about strategy and communication. But how do you link these SDGs to your organization’s existing strategy? To which SDGs can your company make a concrete contribution? At Sustainalize, we use a five-step plan to help companies achieve full SDG integration:

  1. Understand the Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Prioritize through Sustainalize’s impact analysis
  3. Determine indicators and business objectives based on SDGs
  4. Integrate SDGs into policies and actions
  5. Communicate and monitor the contribution

Every company needs to find their own way to achieve alignment with these global objectives. The SDGs are ambitious, and can be seen as the new moral foundation of sustainable development. These are big words. But, as with most things, it all starts with a first step. We guide organizations through the different phases of implementation, from internal workshops to external communication. Our consultants have gained extensive experience since the initial publication of the SDGs in 2015, and are proud of the work they do to help companies contribute to this global agenda for 2030.