Benchmarks & Ratings

When it comes to sustainability, you could easily spend all of your time on benchmarks and ratings – the number is almost endless. Of course, they are not all equally relevant, but their number does indicate that investors, consumers, customers and governments are increasingly attaching importance to policy and performance in the area of sustainability. Completing these benchmarks is a form of external reporting that is becoming increasingly important, simply because stakeholders value it more.

The most widely-known benchmarks include the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the Transparency Benchmark (TB) and Ecovadis. We have deep familiarity with these benchmarks and ratings, we understand their terminology and we know when an answer is good enough. This makes the reporting process easy and efficient. In other words, our guidance can help you focus your information and maximize your score.

Sometimes the required information is not available. At other times, a certain rating makes it clear that a company is lagging behind in certain areas. The impact of this can be great, especially if customers require certain certificates or quality marks. Therefore, we translate your benchmark score into concrete improvement plans, and establish a link with your strategy. This way, your benchmarks and ratings can provide an impetus to a new management cycle. We are proud to think along with our clients to make this happen!