Circular Economy

Circularity is a broad concept, with perspectives that range from product reuse to lifetime extension. But it is just as much about material recycling, new revenue models and ownership relationships as it is about pay-per-use concepts. We help to make this concrete.

Many customers ask us to measure their degree of circularity – to what extent are their products, supply chains or the company itself already circular? We look at secondary materials that enter the supply chain and the amount of waste that leaves the supply chain. We then combine our calculations into one circularity index number, which allows you to estimate the effect of planned measures on their circularity contribution. We also help formulate and communicate concrete circularity objectives.

If you are just starting your circular approach, Sustainalize can help. First, we will map the way in which products and materials flow throughout your company and supply chain. This leads to practical insight into where value is lost from a circularity perspective: a circularity opportunity card. Which materials are ‘downcycled’ or leave the chain towards waste incineration or landfill? What opportunities are there to bring more circularity to your company and business chain? Our interactive and creative process will help you explore these opportunities to help reduce environmental impact through high-profile circularity solutions.