Impact Assessment & Monetisation

You cannot possibly make the right strategic decisions without good information. But sometimes the available information only gives a partial picture. How do you choose the most sustainable option? To answer that question, we look at the sustainability impacts of the entire life span. In other words, we use Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to calculate the total environmental impact of a project or product: from raw material extraction to waste processing. An LCA offers a good starting point for innovation and helps to set up circular processes.

But we often go one step further than LCAs. Suppose you are faced with a choice between two investment projects – let’s say ‘the reduction of water consumption’ and ‘employee training’? To really know what will yield the most benefit, you also have to look at externalities. These are impacts that may not necessarily be economic, but which may nevertheless have positive or negative effects. Our impact methodology will help you map out these social costs and benefits so you can see the whole picture.

Of course, it is possible to express externalities from a monetary point of view. We call this monetization. The advantage of this approach is that it allows you to express true value in a way that we are used to. This in turn allows you to compare and combine totally different impacts. The resulting ‘price tag’ can then help you make choices between production processes, geographical locations, different materials, and so on. This quantitative data can also help you manage risk and result more effectively. We would be happy to help you in this area.