Integrated & Non Financial Reporting

You can call on us to assist you with (integrated) reporting, whether you want us to produce a fully-fledged report or support you in the technicalities of state-of-the-art reporting. Sustainalize has vast experience in external reporting – both traditional sustainability reports and integrated annual reports. We advise companies that are reporting for the first time, as well as listed multinationals that want to cross their T’s and dot their I’s. We work together with our strategic partners to take care of your annual report from A to Z, putting a team of copywriters, designers, online specialists and sustainability specialists to work for you. We’ll cover everything from an initial content plan and data collection to design and multi-channel publication. Of course, we’ll coordinate with you at all times in everything that we do.

We can also take care of parts of your annual report. This could include the more methodological components such as the materiality analysis, the value creation model or the compulsory GRI table. A number of our customers also regularly have us participate in their annual report steering committee. Our role is often to ensure the technical aspects of the annual report, including compliance with regulations and standards.

We also play a role in the annual report process when it comes to external assurance. Our experience means that we are well aware of the requirements of external auditors, and we know what questions to expect during the process. We can support you with the preparation of files, and we can coordinate the accountant’s information requests. We operate from the viewpoint that is expectations are clear in advance, then process can become much more efficient, eliminating needless discussions with the accountant.