Assurance Readiness Assessment & Data Validation

The management information you steer must be reliable, and it goes without saying that you do not want mistakes in the information that you report externally. Many standards and benchmarks require external verification to demonstrate data quality. Therefore, we test your data quality and reporting processes and use this validation work to make sure that your information is correct.

We’ll remain flexible. You determine which information you want us to validate and how far you want us to go. Do you want us to test your data consolidation? Do you want us to look at source data on location? It is up to you. Do you want us to validate the texts in your annual report? That is also possible. Once we decide on the desired approach, then we’ll make arrangements about how you want us to report the results of our validation work. We’ll report to management, of course, but we can also draw up an external report on sustainability data quality for your annual report.

We often notice that companies struggle with assurance by an external auditor. The costs and the burden of this on the organization can be high. Our validation activities offer a concrete alternative. You could also use us as preparation for the activities of an accountant. Because of our experience, we know better than anyone the requirements for external assurance and how to prepare for this. We can support you in the preparation of files, we can coordinate the work with the accountant, and we can assist the internal data suppliers. Furthermore, we can support internal audit in taking this role. This way, our assurance readiness activities will ensure a smooth assurance process for substantial cost savings.