Joop Joost Hietbrink

Joop Joost Hietbrink obtained his Masters in Business Administration in Rotterdam, with a focus on business ethics. Since then he has been active in various capacities (including over 6 years for PwC Consulting) at the intersection of business strategy and sustainability. His broad experience in large financial projects (establishing shared service centers, carve-outs, etc.) and performance management projects, in addition to a thorough knowledge of sustainability issues (GHG footprint calculations, human rights audits, etc.), enables him to take a holistic approach to sustainability. Now, after fifteen years, he has gained experience in nearly all sectors and has been able to support organizations in The Netherlands and abroad; NGO’s, Social Impact start-ups, government, SMEs, and large multinationals.

As Associate Partner at Sustainalize, he is responsible for the strategy proposition.
+31 (0)6 1174 5811