Malou Peters Sengers

During a minor in Social Entrepreneurship and a boardyear at Enactus, Malou got fascinated by the concept of multiple value creation. To find out how this concept fits with bigger corporations she started the Msc Global Business & Sustainability, which she completed in 2017. After her masters she started working at SustainableMotion, where she executed several projects that gave companies fresh insights from the perspective of the new generation, which helped them to become future-proof. At Sustainalize Malou wants to support companies towards an integrated sustainable strategy, to make them aware of the business opportunities that come along with new ways of thinking, like the circular economy.

Outside office hours, Malou also tries to make sustainable choices in a fun and creative way. For example, she finds more and more ways to travel in a sustainable way. This way she keeps enjoying outdoor holidays in the mountains or near the sea.
+31 6 425 547 93